"Inspiring Healing
Through Presence and Feeling"



“I aspire to inspire healing through presence and feeling. Presence and feeling inspire healing to show up in your life and I facilitate and guide that.”


“I have been truly inspired by the healing that has appeared for those who have committed themselves to the process of presence and feeling.”


Presence and Feeling are the Medicines for our pain, traumas, wounding, blockages, and un-metabolized experiences that have built up over our lifetime.


I mentor You developing Your foundation in being Present and Feeling in Your Body.


Based on my own experiences of learning how to be Present and Feeling in myself, I mentor you through all the overwhelm, confusion, resistance, avoidance and anything that might arise during our time together.

Energetic Map and Embodiment Session

This session provides a great introduction to embodiment and polarity using the synergistic understandings of Gene Keys and Human Design to establish a foot-hold into how your energy moves inside of you.

Heart Awakening and Nourishing Presence Sessions for Women

Women are deeply in need of being nourished in their Hearts, Expression, and supported with what they authentically are Feeling in their body. The mis-labeling of a woman being either “too much” or “too emotional” undermines her natural intuition and Loving-ness to nurture the world.

Initiatory and Mentoring Sessions for Men

Many men have grown up without receiving any understanding of how to embody healthy forms of masculinity. The process of male embodiment is an education in itself and takes time and commitment. Exploring presence, feeling, consciousness, and intelligence in the body are all foundational for a man’s process and his capacity to show up for the feminine.

Couples Intimacy Sessions and Workshops

Intimacy can be the most ecstatically confronting adventure in our lives if we choose to accept the invitation Life is offering in conscious acceptance. The hunger that many feel for connection, love, and being seen, felt, and heard can easily consume us in fiery discontent. Yet, this longing also has the potential to become the most soothing waters of nourishment to our souls. All this depends on the felt clarity we’ve put into building our inner foundations to support intimacy.

Death Doulo

A Death Doulo (Doulo is male form of Doula) guides life into the next world whereas a Birth Doula brings life into this world.

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