In general, our bodies function in certain fundamental energetic patterns.

A woman and man are each like a battery but with their polarities in different places.

A woman’s + (positive pole) is in her throat, chest, breast, and heart. A woman’s – (negative pole) is in her vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus.

A man’s + (positive pole) is in his genitals. A man’s – (negative pole) is in his chest.

Positive poles are where we give out information. A man penetrates a woman with his seed. A woman nourishes a man with her heart and Love and speech. (Remember this is simplified and generalized for now.)

Negative poles are where we receive information. A man receives love in his chest. A woman receives seeds (semen and a man’s energetics) in her womb.

On an energetic level, men are penetrating out not only when having sex but in every possible moment. Yes, it’s true. What are we penetrating out with? Everything we’ve cultivated (or not) inside us — conscious and unconscious, beauty and trauma, and so on…

If a woman feels safe around a man then most likely the man is penetrating out with his own safety that he has cultivated for himself first and she feels it and reflects it back via a relaxing in her chest and opening in her heart.

If a woman feels unsafe around a man then most likely the man has not arrived to safety in himself and needs to clarify the place that’s causing this via what the woman is telling him with her body language, responses, and her subtleties. Her clues guide him to where he is blind. If the man is full of trauma, insecurity, and confusion and can’t see it then the women around him will guide him back to his blind spots whether he likes it or not until he figures it out.

The revolution here then is for men to be conscious of what he is penetrating out with so the women around him feel safe in their bodies enough to open their hearts and begin loving and nourishing the community he is protecting and serving…be that just you and her, or a family or a large community.

When a woman has the safety to open to her heart and surrender to the big LOVE moving through her; then, nourishment happens for the seed you both are committed to in an even more beautiful way. A woman craves to be able to do this to really live out her purpose but men have become so unsafe and confused with self-centered, myopic, distracted bullshit that a woman no longer has a place to surrender to and Love on.

This is a tragedy on both sides and needs to begin to be seen more clearly so both sides can start leveling up and supporting each other in ways that are “Life-giving” and not manipulating, stealing, and seducing.

A Woman’s Heart is a foreign land and you have to learn her language as a man. Men, the same applies for your own heart as well. You are a stranger there until you are welcomed in. Men, you can do all you possibly can think of and try to mentally convince her, but, if her body doesn’t feel safe in your presence then her heart is shut. Listen to her — her reflection i.e. the gift of the feminine — and clarify and discern yourself further and then see how she responds.

And women, please raise your standards and only allow yourself to be penetrated by truth, clarity, and safety. You will know this by how you feel in your body in the moment. Don’t ignore what your body is telling you and don’t compromise yourself.

Love and firmness,