How did I, an acupuncturist and a doctor of Asian Medicine practicing in Silicon Valley, California, cross paths with Neil Lott, an energy guide living halfway up a mountain near Durango, Colorado? This extended weekend with Neil was only possible because of modern technology.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, I received a message through the contact form of my website from Neil. He’d watched a video interview of me on my acupuncture school’s website and had some questions to discuss with me. Little did we know that the coronavirus was already making its way across the globe, about to change the course of human history forever.

Though COVID-19 soon shook up everyone’s lives, Neil and I kept in touch through the pandemic. During this time, we further clarified our own purposes and roles in providing service and healing to others. As society moved towards reopening in mid-2021, I invited Neil to visit the Bay Area. I had received a few virtual sessions from Neil, and thought many people I knew here in the Bay Area could benefit from his work. A way of healing that is very relevant and suitable for our modern times (yet still very connected to the roots of healing) might be seeking to come through him. I decided to organize a series of meetings for Neil when he came to town, so that he could facilitate healing, meet locals, and I could better understand what his work entails.

After spending four days with Neil and witnessing what he does, I wanted to write up a few instances of how he served my community here in the Bay Area.


Meeting with a Couple

One evening shortly after Neil arrived, we went to have dinner with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. Neil was able to observe their interactions with each other, and had a knack for sensing where the flow of energy between the two of them could be better directed, facilitating improved intimacy and connection.

For example, a woman’s heart center is outwardly-flowing and longs to open fully to a man. The more a man can ground into his sacral center (lower abdomen and genital region) which is outward-flowing for him, the more he can be present for the woman. Then, as the woman feels the safety of the man’s presence, the more she can feel safe opening in her heart…and so the cycle of ever-deepening intimacy continues!

Neil is able to sense where the flow of connection between my friend and her boyfriend was stuck, and also held space for my friend to discuss areas of broken trust in the past that prevented her from fully feeling safe with men. By having the safe space to voice these concerns and having Neil there to guide this, I felt like my friend and boyfriend were able to better understand each other on a deeper level.


Meeting with Men and Women Individually

During Neil’s visit, we also met with men and women in the Bay Area on an individual basis. Neil has a commitment to drawing out the truth in situations, with a loving and firm commitment to each person’s best and highest. Due to Neil’s ability to accurately sense another person’s body – where they seem blocked, how they seem to be carrying themselves – Neil would facilitate the individual’s expression by listening intently to the person’s words and body language.

Within a safe environment, with a safe guide, I saw the possibility for deep emotional releases, often of traumas that are long-held within the body’s inner recesses. The caveat here is that it takes time to build this trust, which Neil has the patience, sensitivity, awareness, and gentleness to do. This opening and release cannot be asked for on-demand! It requires methodical care to pave the way for it to happen.


Understanding Male/Female Polarity

I wanted to understand more about the male/female polarity exercises that Neil offers in helping to explore the energetics between men and women. We did one exercise where we stood at a distance and I could ask him to come closer or back away, in order to explore my comfort level. I was able to sense the natural magnetism between men and women, which is often buried under all the projections and mannerisms that can come into play when people of opposite sex are together.

Within a safe space where all that awkwardness and expectations could be put to the side, I realized that there’s great potential for a deeper and more conscientious approach for men and women to relate with one another. Simply experiencing that natural polarity can have a healing effect. I noticed when standing across from Neil that certain areas of my body were shifted or trying to hide. Whenever I noticed this and brought myself consciously back into realignment, I could feel the energy of my body shift. Sometimes I felt the need to pause and stretch, or move my neck or back, as I felt my body trying to realign itself.



I’m grateful to see that Neil is working on areas where the tools of medicine alone cannot heal. Physical tools alone such as needles and herbs, or medications and surgeries, cannot get rid of these issues. There is so much unhappiness that stems from blockages in couples’ intimacy, from the inability to fully express oneself and be heard, from not feeling safe around anybody, and from not understanding the natural healing potential between the male-female, yin-yang energies that are fundamental to our beings.

I believe there are depths of healing that require so much time, patience, and awareness that the hustle-and-bustle culture (that even modern medicine finds itself in) cannot provide. How can a doctor assess and address things at a root level, if many of them only get a 10-minute time slot with patients? By never taking the time to fully slow down and see clearly, we are left with a fast-food medicine that never fully heals and fully satisfies.

Staying present for others is not easy. Staying present for others requires putting aside one’s own needs and desires for the moment in order to attend to someone else’s pain and suffering. It requires so much discipline and love. It is a constant practice requiring sensitivity and diligence throughout our entire lives.

I am reminded of St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in which he states, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.” Of course, we humans are not perfect and can only continuously aspire to live up to this.

During this extended weekend with Neil in town and witnessing our interactions together with various people, I felt reassured to see how love and compassion is being restored to its rightful place at the heart of healing.



Dr. Julia Lee, DACM, L.Ac. runs her acupuncture clinic The Precise Needle in San Jose, California and also delivers valuable in-person lectures and webinars focused on healing.