Unless you’ve reached a high level of spiritual development where the planetary influences no longer affect you, then the nadir and zenith of Grandmother moon are important aspects to consider in how the planets influence our bodies.

In this simplified overstanding, the nadir and zenith are more referring to the ebbs and peaks of energy rather than the actual perspective of the Grandmother Moon relative to the Earth.

There is the the Dark Moon (nadir) — what is commonly referred to as the New Moon but which I feel is a misnomer — which I would call the “peak of shedding.”

Then there is the Full Moon (zenith) — which I would consider the “peak of fertility.”

Why are these important to consider? Some context first…

For Women, in general, Grandmother Moon influences her 70% and Father Sun 30%.

For Men, in general, Grandmother Moon influences us 30% and the Father Sun 70%.

In Chinese Medicine, a Woman is thought to align her cycle to Grandmother Moon by gazing at Grandmother Moon on a regular basis. The effect of this is that the 3-5 days of menstruation takes place during the Dark Moon and her ovulation takes place during the Full Moon. Interestingly enough, Chinese Medicine can reverse this natural cycling in women as a form contraception.

If you start considering how to create and manifest in the world — aligning yourself with these peaks and ebbs of energy are relevant.


Well, in order to create in the world we need to plant our vision. Planting a vision during a time of shedding, composting, or realigning is out of sync with the larger influences upon us. Just like attempting to shed at the peak of fertility doesn’t really make sense.

The Dark Moon is an opportunity to shed anything in the way of our visions, to go into the shadowy aspects of what’s been holding us back, expose it and tell the stories so the stories lose their attachment — its a time to feel all toxicities that have poisoned us and then release them. This makes space.

The Full moon is an opportunity to plant our vision in the world in the space we’ve made.

The two combined offer an natural cycling to strengthen our capacity to be present and honest with where we are at and then choose a different direction.

Enjoy these times and reconsider the energies present that we are constantly influenced by and rather than fight them, align with them.

Give a gift to Grandmother Moon when you see her — a song, a turquoise bead.

Give a gift to Father Sun as he rises — a song, a handful of un-toasted cornmeal.

And recognize your capacity to create in the world is a gift from these two Holy beings who remember you on a daily basis.

All Blessings,