Couples Intimacy Session

In our experience, intimacy is based in the core pillars of safety, devotion, freedom, welcoming, and boundaries.

These pillars, along with other supports, provide the foundation of the “Horseshoe of Intimacy. (Click HERE to read Blog Post)”

The vitality, aliveness, and depth and most importantly Love and Intimacy you experience in your partnership are directly a result of the individual clarity you have arrived to in your own Life AND the energy you both as a couple have devoted to building and clarifying this Sacred Horseshoe.

It may seem like a lot at the beginning, but the on-going process outlined in the above blog-post provides a solid foundation for which you can begin reform yourself and the relationship into a source of deep nourishment for you, your partner, and your community.

Are there any pre-requisites to doing a Couples Intimacy Session?

Yes.  Men need to receive an Initiation Session.  Women need to receive a Heart-Awakening Session.

How does 1 to 2 hour Couples Intimacy Session take place and what does it look like?

This session happens over zoom.  If you are located in Durango, we may also have the opportunity to do this session in person.

Depending on the couples’ needs, I, Amelia, or us both may lead your session.  We will send you a brief intake prior to the session to gather some details and then during the session we open into the resources and challenges in your relating and focus where the energy of your horseshoe needs attention.

These session are extremely powerful, insightful, and will develop your capacities in seeing, feeling, and surrendering.

Would you introduce Amelia?

Yes, click HERE or her picture to learn more about her.

I'm ready to commit what are the next steps?

Please email me and we'll proceed from there.

Post-Session Email Follow-up

The next day or so after your session, we send you an email inviting you to express anything you need to, as well as, requesting feedback so we can also improve what I offer. In addition, we provide you high-quality reflection to consider until our next session together. People find the reflections we offer unique and revealing — as the insights we offer are direct, tangible, doable, can be put into place immediately, and address the most potent challenges with your greatest resources.