Death Doulo

A Death Doulo (Doulo is male form of Doula) guides life into the next world whereas a Birth Doula brings life into this world.

Our lives are a gift and can be taken at any moment.

The real felt experience of this only comes when faced with Death.

The gratitude, praise, and grief that arises during this transition is beyond words.

If you are now faced directly with Death, or you are a friend or family member who is assisting someone who is; and, everything has suddenly become more precious, more dear, more vivid, more challenging and time seems to stretch and/or thin — then in reality your only option is to surrender and welcome this Guest, invite them in, feed them well, and learn their story. Remember, the loss they bring will also give life.

I offer my services as a Death Doulo based on my own experiences serving my family and seeing how my support assisted so deeply everything that comes up during this sacred time.

Because this service is so unique please Contact Me and we can discuss your needs and how I may be of service to you.