Energetic Map and Embodiment Session

First Steps towards Conscious Embodiment

This session is a great introduction and stepping stone prior to delving into the deeper layers of embodiment and polarity work I do with men and women.

Gene Keys and Human Design are two systems that provide an initial framework, structure, and orientation to you internal landscape.

The understandings in these systems can be invaluable as you proceed learning in how your energy functions and as you gain depth in listening to the subtleties of your feelings and sensations.

Clarifying your internal chaos, confusion, insecurities, traumas, and acquired toxicities is a large part of how you begin to embody your nature.

These systems assist you in your clarification process and I introduce you to several key fulcrum points that you can leverage in your daily life.

You are in the drivers seat. You choose the level of attention we place on your chart and the level of attention we place on embodiment based on what feels comfortable for you.

Ultimately, your body is your intelligence and this session supports you as a courageous first step to truly listening to your body.


Are there any pre-requisites to receiving the Energetic Map and Embodiment Session?



How does the 1-Hour Energetic Map and Embodiment Session take place and what does it look like?

This hour-long zoom session is divided into two parts based on what you’d choose to focus on — charts and/or embodiment.

During the first part, we go over some potent highlights of your Gene Key and Human Design Chart.

During the second part we begin to explore how what we’ve learned earlier arises in your body.

The length of the first part or second part can always be adjusted during the session based on what you need as there are no fixed rules — this session is for you to explore your internal world in a safe, supported way.

The session takes place on zoom (unless you live in Durango, Colorado in which case we have the option to meet in person).


Will I receive a copy of the charts we discuss?


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Post-Session Email Follow-up

The next day or so after your session, I send you an email inviting you to express anything you need to, as well as, requesting feedback so I can also improve what I offer. In addition, I provide you high-quality reflection to consider until our next session together. People find the reflections I offer unique and revealing — as the insights I offer are direct, tangible, doable, can be put into place immediately, and address the most potent challenges with your greatest resources.