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Do you work with people Online and In-Person?

Yes, I work Online via Zoom and In-Person in Durango, Colorado.

I’m afraid to receive healing from a man.

I feel scared to work with you.

You mention accountability and being exposed — I’m afraid of that.

I don’t think I really need your help.

I only feel comfortable receiving from women practitioners.

You just triggered my trauma.

I have so many practitioners right now I just don’t have room to add another.

I read your blog post and I feel you are a sexist asshole — I would never work with you.


I speak to all your fears, reactivity, superiority, and excuses. I welcome all of you regardless of how you are showing up in this moment.

Underneath everything, we all need to be welcomed in our fullness, where we are at, however old or young we might be, however many failures or successes that have been bestowed upon us, whatever our ancestral mixes that we descend from, and amongst all our strengths and prejudices.

If this part of the FAQ sparks something inside you, then reach out for a 20 minute meet up and clarify for yourself what’s real and needed for you.

All Blessings!

When considering working with a practitioner here’s how I choose whether to proceed with them or not, I suggest you use the same guidelines when considering working with me.

I always first want to feel the energy of the practitioner. I want to feel is there any part of me that wants to take in any part of what this person is holding or resonating at or vibrating at? Is anything about this person’s life force something that’s real, powerful, true and authentic and do I want to allow that to guide me in something?


Why don’t you use the word healer, shaman, or therapist, counselor on your site?

I offer my services as a mentor.

I’m not a therapist. I have no license or training in any kind of therapy or counseling and my services are NOT therapy or counseling. All my training is based on my personal experience and studies and what I have cultivated in myself and the myriad of beautiful and challenging experiences I’ve had to navigate in my own life. I only mentor from a place of direct experience with in myself and I never advise for someone to do something I haven’t explored personally to deep level of clarity and discernment.

What I do is NOT “talk therapy” where you attempt to talk out problems mentally and have them solved. My experience with “talk therapy” is that it spins on itself without breaking through blockages. We instead delve into embodiment which is the most honest way to approach working yourself.

The word “healer” has been overused and subverted in our language to mean many things — the way I now interpret the word “healer” is someone who uses their power to heal someone. By that definition, I’m not a healer and why I’ve chosen to use the word “mentor” to distinguish myself in this way.

Any healing that graces us in the work we do together comes from something way beyond me that I invite, welcome, serve, and feed. More specifically, any healing is not me — it’s NOT my ego wielding power to feel significant. Healing is something that I serve, that I cannot possess and that I have no control over and may show up or not.

In terms of the word shaman…my very small understanding of shamanism has to do with realigning sickness through ritual that heals the Earth simultaneously — all within the indigenous cultural matrix that is in itself held in the magnificence of Mythological stories that have no beginning or end.

Given many of us are not living in a truly intact indigenous cultures of ancestral origins and serving the Wild Root, there is a bigger dilemma to be addressed within our current Non-Culture before shamanism has a role beyond triage.

There are also people that claim to be shamans and healers that I feel are manipulating and end up doing more damage and harm.

That said, I do believe that legitimate shamans exist and that what they do does heal the Earth and people.

To conclude, I’m not a shaman and I have no training nor background in shamanism and I haven’t been called to perform as a shaman in any way.

Does it matter if I’m in a polyamorous relationship?

I support the forms of relationship that feel best for you, so it doesn’t matter if you are in a polyamorous relationship with the work I do.

The underlying foundation of presence, feeling and building intimacy are what we focus our attention on.