There are many ways to dull your sword as a man — ultimately are all forms of distraction that pull you away from your purpose.


Distraction will prevent you from learning, take you out of your process, will ultimately drain your energy, and is NOT nourishing.


Distractions burn up your precious Jing. Jing is one of the 3 treasures in Chinese Medicine of which we have only a finite amount and when it’s gone we die — not to be too dramatic but also realistic as well.


Best to be grateful for the energy you have and choose how you use it rather than let the unconsciousness of the distracted collective decide for you.


Begin to recognize what distracts you from your life purpose, clarity, and general accountability to yourself.


One main distraction I see clearly for men is Pornography.


Pornography will retard (used in the etymological sense of holding back and stopping) your process as a man.


Pornography is made by dysfunctional masculinity and does not teach you in any way whatsoever of how to be with woman or the feminine.


From a spiritual perspective, pornography is wrong and damages men, it perverts our understanding of healthy relationships, our own mental vitality, and it uses up our Jing (even if you don’t ejaculate as arousal burns up Jing as well).


You are aging yourself by looking at porn whether you realize it or not.


Watching pornography and then engaging in spiritual practice is working against yourself. To develop your spiritual practice you need resolve, a spine, a purpose. You need to recognize distraction when it happens and then choose what you know is really needed.


My suggestion for men is to just stop. Give up pornography forever and work on embodying your purpose. If you can stay with difficulty of giving something up you will build your resolve for carrying out your purpose, as well as, engaging in your spiritual practice.


All Blessings,