For Couples

For Couples


Relationship and Intimacy offer the most beautiful and challenging ways to explore ourselves, our boundaries, our freedom, our devotion, our safety and our positive and negative poles.

We learn where our skills of feeling, presence, surrendering, giving, receiving, and loving are really at through the increase in energy that arises in partnership. Therefore, relationship is a huge gift that Life is inviting us to explore in a conscious way so we can deepen into our true natures even more so.

Our acquired personalities, traumas, conditioning, ancestral toxicities, you name it…all will come to the surface in our relating at some point or another and challenge us to grow in every direction.

Neil and Amelia offer support in your individual expressions as a foundation to grow from and then guide you to greater intimacy with your partner.  All the work we do with couples is based in embodiment, tangible felt experiences, and is from our direct experiences of joy, failures, mistakes, and learnings that we have had to go through ourselves.

“Neil has a gentle and powerful presence that allows for genuine healing and discovery to unfold.

Working with him has been deeply restorative and enlivening. 

I have introduced both my Mom and partner to him. We have each benefited greatly from the pearls he has offered us.”  — Chelsea L.