Drop facebook, instagram, etc, — these all have you chasing for validation, recognition and/or being seen with the insidious manipulative intent of keeping you imprisoned in the electronic prison of FANTASY where you will never arrive to anything but confusion and pain and where the makers of the platforms are the ones that benefit — NOT you.

It’s an addiction. Let it go.

They all are a trap and you will continue to hurt yourself by engaging in them.

Expressing yourself on these platforms is not expression it’s desperation for the lack of community and/or purpose in your Life.

Express yourself in front of people in person (best), on the phone (better), text voice message (ok) — social media (no way).

Grow a garden, join a dance class, ask your partner to listen to you — find your community in your physical Life.

If you want to throw your power away and your energy away and be distracted and disembodied looking for the next dopamine hit off the crack pipe of how many likes or comments you receive then please continue what you’ve been posting.

There’s no way around this other than delivering a hard firm message here as I deeply care about people and want to see everyone thrive in their lives. These platforms do not assist people in thriving.

People in the presence of people without any technology in between is REAL — nourish that in your Life.

Love and Firmness,