(This post is for men. You’ll have to discern whether this applies to you and if you are uncertain feel free to reach out to me. The reason for this post is that I’m learning that some men maybe blocked in their feeling capacity, so I’m addressing this specifically. And note, I usually would not suggest what I’m saying below but there are always exceptions. Please read aloud.)

To Men,

There maybe something you may have glossed over in terms of what it means to be a man and so I’m writing this for you.

If this earlier post doesn’t make sense to you or maybe it brings up resentment for not having ever been heard, or maybe its difficult to see the value of woman expressing herself then….

I would suggest you exploring a circling group, sweat lodge, or some kind of a community setting where YOU get to speak, share, process, be seen and heard and participate with other people doing the same.

Once you can feel the value in this for yourself, then learn to do it for yourself (on your own and alone) without the community setting.

Once you’ve welcomed this expression in yourself and its circulating, then go back to the earlier post and attempt to do what I asked in your unique way for all the woman in your life.

The only way I’ve found to value something is to feel the value of it myself. Expecting a you as a man to value a woman’s expression without you actually valuing your own is skipping steps and laying an unstable foundation for intimacy.

Find the value of expression and feeling for yourself and doing it on your own (alone) and then go from there.

Keep in mind, there’s also a danger of a man getting stuck in the community setting in a heart-based (top-heavy) pose without developing your cock energy. Remember your masculine energy needs to thrive as well.

Lastly, an unconscious man who considers the feminine or a women’s expression and feeling as inferior and weak is clearly advertising to the world and all the women around him that he has no value for his own inner woman. This will make true intimacy very difficult since you are missing out on at least 1/2 of what it means to be a man and so you will be bringing only 1/2 of yourself to your woman and only satisfying her half-way.

Don’t half-ass things! Follow through!

All Blessings,