In my experience with working with women, I’m feeling more and more how expression and permission to express are places where conditioning, trauma, and the collective non-culture all have done their best to clamp down and take women out of their naturalness and power of their Big Love.

When a woman touches her Big Love — she confronts everything around her unlike that Big Love to either receive that Big Love or become that Big Love. This maybe uncomfortable for people around her who having not had permission themselves to receive or give that Big Love, react with double knee-jerks to shut the woman down who is challenging them to open more to Life.

Here are three suggestions that I offer to women who are in this circumstance:

1) When your reaction/frustration/anger does come up around people shutting you down — that’s your signal to drop down and find the space in your chest, heart, throat to meet the reaction/frustration/anger and then allow your expression to transform everything. Remember, if you make others into the enemy you’ve already lost.

2) Let go of ever needing permission from anybody to express yourself ever again and instead find your way (inside you) to transform that energy of needing permission from someone else and instead become the breast, become the milk and BE & Embody the permission for you, all women, and everyone to express in the most deepest way possible (this is the maturity of moving from Girl to Woman). Learn how do this for yourself first so you can offer this to everyone — especially other women in your life.

I also understand that in certain cases women are in dangerous conditions where their safety and lives are at risk if they express themselves. In this case, recognize that if you don’t feel safe to express because your life is in harms way then please do your best to leave that situation and find one that is safe where you then can explore expressing yourself and your Big Love.

3) Read the Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun many times over the course of the rest of your life in your own pacing — ideally always out-loud and slowly. The way this book works is that you read the story and then when you read the “Layers of Understanding” after the story and if you get stuck on something said in one of the “Layers of Understanding” then put a little mark with the date there and stop. Then, go back and read the story over again from the beginning. This can be done over the course of days, weeks, or months — doesn’t matter as long as you stay with the story. The magicalness of this book is as you read the story over again and return to the spot where you once were stuck, most likely, if you were listening in your Life, that place you were stuck at may now already somehow be understood and embodied.

Those indigenous elders that we never had growing up ARE in this book telling the tale and by reading the story in this way we open to their wisdom. This Story is one of the many told during Female Initiation in the Tzutujil culture.

This book also begins to open our awareness into seeing how our little story is really part of the Big Story — the Big Mythology that is much much bigger than us and than the human mind.

Ultimately, humans are not at the center of things and not in charge. We need to feel, see, read, and experience and understand that in order to mature. This book is a doorway for this.

Lastly, remember the fully, self-permissioned, authentic expression of your vulnerability is watering a seed that encourages your Big Love to grow and inspires others to do the same.

All Blessings,