For Women

When a woman has the safety to open to her heart and surrender to the big LOVE moving through her then, abundant nourishment and energy is available for whatever seeds that’s she’s chosen to receive, take into her, and manifest.

A woman craves to be able to do this to live out her nature but men have become so unsafe and confused with self-centered, myopic, distracted bullshit that women are being planted with extreme discourtesy, lies, manipulation, seduction, and confusion to say the least.

This mistrust hurts and de-nourishes everybody.

Neil provides a safe, container of presence and feeling for a woman to truly express herself and explore what it really means to surrender to her Heart and clear out anything that’s in the way of  her Deep Wild Feminine Nature.


“In the nearly two years that I have known Neil, I have brought to him questions on whether he was safe to be around, feedback on confusion surrounding aspects of his work, and touched on certain inter-relational dynamics in his life that could be looked into. These are usually difficult topics for anyone to hear, but Neil never got offended, actually wanted to listen, and quickly took action on anything we talked about. He never tried to block my expression or make me question the validity of my feelings. I think it takes humility to be willing to hear things like this from another person, and I truly appreciate the chance to experience his approach.” — Julia Lee