For Men

The shift from a boy to a man is that a boy needs to be loved, attended to, re-affirmed, and validated. Whereas a man is penetrating out with his unique on-purpose essence and inspiring love in the world around him not expecting anything in return — he is self-validating and confirming. He says what he means and means what he says.

Neil mentors men in what it means to embody their masculinity and build their Kingdoms. This process is deeply rewarding as you as a man begin to feel and speak in ways you didn’t know were accessible.

to paraphrase ram dass’s terminology: i was high for two days after my session with neil. if you want to work on your masculinity in all its dimensions without pandering, hate, pretense, and nonsense, this is the place to be at. there is no coddling here. only presence. you will be challenged and the time with neil will be uniquely yours. simply try to be with the challenge of being present. in your own time, you will drop your charade and the true healing journey will be able to begin.

— pedro daher