Lesson 6 – The Ambush

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In this week, I’m going to discuss 2 topics:

– Protection

– The Ambush

– Homework


– Protection

Several qualities that we haven’t spoke much about are Protection, Alertness, Intuition, Receptivity, and feeling the Boundary.

Protection and Receptivity go hand-in-hand.

Protection is a key masculine quality that needs to be present in the back of your awareness. You may need to protect either yourself, your Kingdom, or your people. So have you boundaries clarified and understand who and what you are protecting and why. The how you plan to protect is also another question. The spectrum from standing up in physical protection to completely removing yourself and “ignoring a person” are all specific techniques you can use.

The clarity is what determines what form of protection to use when, why and how and intuition assists us in building that clarity.

Just like women are also looking how to nourish Life. Men are always scanning things in background of their awareness of how to protect Life so the feminine feels safe enough to come into nourish Life.

Your alertness is what starts ringing alarm bells when there is a verifiable threat that needs to be taken care of with the clarity of your sword.

Recognize that the protection-alertness framework you set up internally in yourself needs to go through clarification.

Specifically, you need to recognize two traps:

1) Are you making false assumptions?

2) Are you not penetrating the situation enough with your awareness to determine what’s real?

Both are traps because they will lead you to “react” rather than “respond” and “harm” rather than “protect.”

There’s no real way to teach this except through your own trial and error.

Let’s take the first one “Are you making false assumptions?”

If you are too quick to act or if you just want to demonstrate or prove your masculine value then most likely you will get caught in the trap of making assumptions.

Making assumptions means you didn’t clarify the situation prior to taking action. You didn’t seek to understand the situation. You didn’t actually use your empathetic feminine in your chest (your negative pole) to hone in and tune in receptively and listen to what’s going on. In this case, Life is conveying an imbalance in your capacity to receive information and an impatience in you wanting to “do” something on the situation.

This points to the fact that we all carry distortions that have been built up by trauma, conditioning, desires, attachments, etc. These distortions will want to pull you in a direction of making assumptions so they can further justify themselves and take up unnecessary space inside your body and essentially leak energy and deplete your masculine essence.

Begin to see through your distortions and how you are making assumptions and if you are too quick to act with your sword.

The opposite end of the spectrum is being too laid-back…

“Are you not penetrating the situation enough with your awareness to determine what’s real?”

Are you going with the flow and not picking up on the cues Life is presenting that are going to essentially lead to some kind of blow-out, conflict, or someone getting hurt.

You are never off the hook. You are always accountable to noticing what’s happening in your Kingdom and maintaining conscious awareness of everything all the time — but to do this in a relaxed way that’s not driving you nuts — that’s the art form of the masculine.

Get used to you the fact that you are always being asked to be alert. The alertness can be relaxed and doesn’t have to be balls-to-the-wall every second. That will just burn your awareness out. You got to figure out a way to be alert but relaxed simultaneously.

Recognize also that this 2nd trap of not penetrating the situation fully is another form of not being receptive. Whether its ignoring, discounting or just being oblivious — in all cases you dropped the ball and weren’t receptive to details that were peeking out like a little snake tail at the entrance to a hole where you can’t see the body of the snake.

You got to pull the snake out and see what it has got in its mouth. That’s using your intuition and your feminine capacity to begin discerning reality and fantasy in your Kingdom.

Observe women — they are doing this all the time actually and they are more oriented to listening to how their intuition is showing them that there is something off in the environment.

Be on the lookout for anomalies and co-incidences. Co-incidences are not just haphazard. They are literally “co” (2) incidents (things) that are happening at the same time FOR A REASON.

A simple example would be — a woman starts talking about being hurt by a former lover and then in the middle of the conversation your friend knocks on the door and interrupts you both. Why did you get interrupted? There’s a reason and connection to both that needs to be discerned.

An example of an anomaly is something happens that usually never happens. Anomalies are significant. For example, you get a message from someone who hasn’t reached out in years. There’s something in the unusual that needs to be explored.

Everything is for a reason — so figure out the connection. That builds your intuitive capacity to begin seeing the larger picture Life is presenting you.

Recognize that you building Protection and Alertness (masculine qualities) and building Receptivity and Intuition (feminine qualities) happen at the same time because as you attempt to expand one end of the polarity the other end also has to grow.

Thinking being man is just about all the “male” qualities is another distortion coming from lack and insecurity and us as men discounting the power of the feminine qualities to actually fuel the masculine qualities.

In short, protection only makes sense when you’ve clarified the situation and have included “receptivity and intuition” in your clarification process.

Also remember, Masculine Qualities are fueled by Feminine Qualities.


– The Ambush

Now that I’ve set up the framework a little I want to go briefly into the Ambush.

The ambush I would say is one of the more manipulative techniques that people use to influence. It’s a really shitty technique actually and you got to be on the lookout for it as the unexpectedness of it catches people off guard.

Make sure that:

1) You don’t do it

2) You have no toleration when others do it — so you call it out immediately, cut through the bullshit and make sure that weed doesn’t strangle what you Love.

When people are being spun by their distortions and their own inner insanity they have a tendency to project this on everyone.

What people will do (and I’ve done this too so its not like I’m somehow above this) — is that in order to justify their distortion they will look for just the right moment and opportunity to ambush their prey (i.e. another person) usually when that person least suspects it and is the most vulnerable in order to plant a distortion and insanity in them so it spins them in a way where they are now being controlled.

You might think this is almost sci-fish but it really does happen and it sucks.

Let me give an example. Let’s say you go to a party with many people you don’t know and feeling the unease with all the awkwardness of all the people being together and as you are just starting to relax in a conversation with someone, all of a sudden, a person you haven’t seen in a year pulls you aside and starts engaging you. Saying charged statements like “you know you really dropped a bomb on my last time I saw you when you said….” and doing this all without you consenting to have the conversation they want to have in the first place.

This is someone ambushing you to attempt to engage you in a one-sided conversation that you will never win. They want to justify their distortion and blame you for having to face their unconsciousness so essentially they are bomping you over the head when you least expect it to put you in a shock state (fight or flight) (an off-guarded state when your defenses are down) in order to spin you up a little and get your energy flowing in their direction.

Another analogy would be they just threw a grappling hook onto the roof of your body and smashed through a window un-invited.

They are doing this because they need to justify their insanity and you represent the biggest threat to having to face it. So if they can squash you and get you “vibing” with them they can go back to being unconscious comfortably.

It’s a power struggle, it’s manipulative and it sucks when it happens. Sometimes it’s hard to see. Its usually quick and most likely brings up a lot of past emotion for you that is un-related to the current situation.

You’ll know when it happened because you’ll have a sick feeling in your pit stomach and questioning “what the fuck was that?”

You also might do this to other people.

My suggestion is to drop the co-dependency in this patterning and figure out where its coming and what “lack” are you attempting to fulfill either by engaging with the person that’s ambushing you OR if you are ambushing someone else.

Also recognize when you engage in this kind of bullshit you are essentially attempting to occupy someone else’s body with your energy and/or you are letting another person occupy your body. It’s really shitty.

You need to learn how to fill you in with you. Meaning your body is yours and other people’s bodies are theirs. There needs to be clear boundaries between your bodies.

If there isn’t then either you are invading someone or someone is invading you and the back-and-forth between these invasions need to be stopped, peace needs to be made, and your body needs to be claimed back.

Do you have a heightened incident for example where someone really got you upset that you can still remember and still brings up some feeling?

Well — that person is in your body still (or said differently that conditioning is still in you) and you gave them a camp site maybe in your left intercostal rib to niggle into you. You are responsible for seeing this receptor sites that you’ve setup and let another person occupy cleared out and cleaned up.

It can be uncomfortable work but you’ll get more of you back.


– Homework

Use your internal practices to begin feeling through these sticky areas in your body as pure sensations without any labels until they transform naturally on their own by you just being present with them.