Meet Neil

After growing up in Connecticut as a young child, my parents moved to Southwest Florida in my early youth where I lived for several years before going back to High School in New Jersey. When it was time to choose a formal career, I pursued a Computer Science degree in Orlando, Florida. Knowing there was more to life than computers, I worked on a dude ranch in the Wind River Range in Wyoming where I fell in love with the West and the Mountains one summer before starting my “cubicle career”.

I’ve spent twenty years as a software engineer, three years as farmer in Wisconsin, and the last eleven years raising my son and I have been blessed with many adventures in between that have carved my inner vastness of who I thought I was even deeper than I could have imagined.

I’ve learned about addiction and grief as I’ve metabolized a chronic addiction into great resource of healing and I have been clean for the past five years.

I’ve worked with numerous healers, clinicians, practitioners and modalities.

I’ve been involved in Men’s work since 2004 beginning with my first Men’s Conference in Minnesota with Robert Bly to the more recent work of being a part of a weekly Men’s Group for over two years.

I’m devoted to indigenous ways of life, rituals, and education that I hold very dear to my heart that are all dedicated to feeding the big Heart and the Earth Herself.

I’ve researched my family ancestry extensively and pilgrimaged to my known ancestral homelands in what is now “so-called” Eastern Europe.

I love Chi Gong, being with my son, being in relationship with my sweetheart lady, taking care of family, serving community, cooking, making silver jewelry, pottery, and speaking in Spanish.

I’m now working on learning and integrating Classical Chinese Medicine into my practice to further nourish my community.

Meet Quinn

Quinn is my son and his presence in my Life has inspired me to level-up in myself as a Man with my heart open to the World.
Quinn is the artist, the one who drew my logo….

He’s also the entrepreneur…

“For $60 Quinn will provide his best drawing for a logo for Dad’s Guiding Business.” — Agreement signed between Dad and Quinn…

Quinn is for hire if you would like him to design, invent, or make something for you that will turn your head inside out and dazzle your heart. (Email Quinn directly if you have a job that matches his talents.)

One day Quinn, age 8 at the time, and I were at the dining table and I was describing “Dark Matter” and how neutrinos have mass, move extremely fast, are penetrating through us in every moment, and it’s impossible to catch them. As well as, how some scientists have won the Nobel Prize attempting to prove they are there; but, no one has ever caught one.

“How much is the Nobel Prize worth?”, Quinn asked.

“About a million dollars,” I said.

“Let’s go to the hardware store and build a neutrino catcher today, I know what I need. I want to get it made by the end of the weekend so we can collect our prize money,” stated Quinn quite matter-of-factly.

“Ok lets make a list, what do you need?” I instantly replied and then we went off gathering everything and then Quinn went and caught a neutrino…

This is my acknowledgement section.


Quinn inspired me to make this website and pursue my on-purpose essence and follow Life uncompromisingly.

I love Quinn.

This whole website is a love letter to him,

to my dedication to the health of our larger community,

and my unwavering commitment to feed that Great Divine Feminine Goddess.


(Quinn gave permission to use his photograph and this story on this website.)