Mens Group

This specific Offering is for Men

who desire to see and be held accountable by other Men

with the intention of being Self-Reliant in their Life and rising up to serve their community in some form.

Distractions, trauma, dysfunctional upbringings, and lack of healthy mentors have all weakened the current state of masculinity. There is a deep need for Men to show up, embodied and living out their purpose not only for their own well-being but also for the well-being of the larger community and feminine.

When Men show up in their naturalness, making no apology for who they are and their purpose in Life — they inspire the world around them. This is true, as long as men are not coming from a place of harm, possession, or enslavement. Our naturalness and purpose needs to inspire the world around us. We need to become the providers by keeping our communities and environments clean and healthy through recognizing bullshit and holding each other accountable to a deeper level of consciousness and truth that everyone adheres to.

Sorting out the bullshit and trauma within us is the first step before we can be of true service to the feminine and our communities.  And honestly, as men, our clarification process may take years.

This Men’s group is to assist each man in their unique process to cultivate their purpose and clarity. This Men’s Group allows each man time to share and see himself more clearly. In addition, this group creates a synergy whereby men can see other men going through their process and learn things they didn’t even know.  I’ve found this structure that focuses on clarity, presence, purpose, and accountability to be the most effective form to revitalize a man’s masculinity and skyrocket him in his process.

Having been involved in Men’s work since 2004 — originally with Robert Bly and Malidoma Somé and then explored many styles of Men’s Groups, experiential forms of cultivating masculinity, and leading Men’s groups myself — I offer this service to support Men during this time of compromised and weakened masculinity.

There is a deep need for Men to be clarify themselves and recognize their inherent self-reliance.

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How are Mens Groups Run?

Groups are run monthly usually on early Sunday afternoons for 1 1/2 to 2 Hours depending upon the number of men present.

A group of 3-5 men is a perfect number that supports each man’s progress. So know that a given group will never exceed 5 men (not including myself).

You commit to 4 weeks at a time at a cost of $250 per month. The cost is non-refundable.

If you miss a session then there are no make-ups, so be sure to attend.

Each week, prior to the group meeting, I provide 20-min audio going over a certain quality of masculinity for you to consider.

Here is the format of the group session I use with a group of 4 men:

– 15 Minutes to Settle-in and ask any questions from Weekly Audio I provide

– 1st man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 2nd man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 2 minute to 5 minute break

– 3rd man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 4th man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– Closing

Here are the courtesies I request:

– Please all mute yourself when you are not speaking.

– Your video needs to be on during the entire time except during the break.

– It’s important you are not watching T.V., on your phone scrolling, browsing websites, or distracted in any way as this kills the energy of the group and disrespects the man sharing. By being fully present with the group and what’s happening you learn to cultivate presence to a higher degree and facilitate growth for all the men in the group, including yourself.

– If you get interrupted by accident that’s ok, but please do your best to setup an environment and space where you can be fully focused and present in the group. And if you do get interrupted please turn off your video.

– The group will not be recorded and I’m asking that its not recorded on your side either. This is to protect our confidentiality and trust. I ask that everything said in the group stays in the group unless you specifically ask that man’s permission.

For the man sharing:

During the 20 minutes for you to share, you are welcome to express whatever you need to in whatever what you need to, ask questions, etc. This time is for you.

It is your responsibility to request how you would like the other men in the group to be present for you, you can do this at any point during your share.

Some options are

1 – You just need to be heard, you are requesting no feedback or reflection
2 – You would like to speak and would like only feedback from me
3 – You would like to speak and would like feedback from specific men in the group
4 – You would like to speak and would like feedback from the entire group
5 – You aren’t ready to share and would like to pass
6 – If there is another option let us know

We will assume you only want to be heard and are NOT requesting any feedback or reflection unless you specifically tell us sometime during your turn. This can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end if you don’t know at first.

You also need to let us know when you are complete speaking or ready for feedback so we don’t interrupt you.

For the men listening:

Please stay present for the man sharing.

Please don’t interrupt the man sharing until he says he’s finished.

Once he’s finished and requested feedback / reflection from the group or you then please unmute and offer what arises from you.

This may sound a little strict at first, but it’s important to lay the guidelines of the group so we all know this is a container where we can build trust, safety, and respect.

Would you provide an example of the Weekly Audio?


Each week I will offer a 20 minute audio for you to explore. This audio is for you to use however you need and to give you some points of grounding during your process.

Your sharing in the group doesn’t have to be related to it. Also, the homework is for you and its up to you whether that is part of your share or not.

FYI – I’m not going ask you whether you did the homework or not 🙂

Here is the first week’s audio: CLICK HERE

Here is a transcript of the first week’s audio: CLICK HERE

In this first week’s audio I discuss the following

– Basic Male / Female Polarity
– Penetrating Out As Men
– Challenge
– The qualities we are cultivating as men
– Homework

Here is the homework:

– Explore the Adjusting the Volume of How you Listen with the Upper Body / Lower (from the audio) when you are presented with a challenge.

Answer the following questions:

– What is your purpose?

– Are you engaged in challenges that directly support your purpose?

– What challenges are you avoiding or ignoring because of how they make you feel? Why?

– Considering all the current challenges in your life — how does each challenge relate to the qualities I’ve made you aware of?

Do you offer a discount if I gather a group of 3 or 4 other guys?

Yes.  Contact Me for more information.