Men's Initiation Session - Pre-Session Work

Thanks for signing up for the Initiation Session.

Here are some suggestions for things you can do prior to our session together that support you receiving the most benefit.

1 – Read the following Blog posts out loud.

A Woman’s Heart – A Man’s Sword

Pop the Couple Bubble and Embrace the Horseshoe of Intimacy

And then pick 3 others that you feel called to read.

2 – Engage in a self-pleasure / self-worship practice for 20 minutes per day where you learn how to be with your genitals, prostate, anus, and pelvis in a loving way without attempting to do anything. In other words, this is not meant for your to ejaculate or jack off and lose yourself. This is meant for you to begin to learn how your sexual energy functions, love yourself and for you to eventually have domain over your sexual energy. This is all about feeling and presence and learning to feel what’s happening in your body in your positive pole. Let any emotion come up. Learn how to surrender and put sounds to what’s happening for you during your experience.

3 – If your partner is willing have her hold and touch your genitals in a loving way with no objective in mind and you teaching her based on what you learned in #2. It’s not for her to make you ejaculate, this is for you to notice how things change when feminine energy is present. You may also have her hold your genitals with one hand and your heart/chest with the other hand and notice how the energy moves between these two centers.

4 – Offer to spend time with your partner’s heart, chest, breast, throat in the way she needs. Ask her if she would teach you how to hold and touch her in these places. Again, this is not an attempt to get sex or lead to sex. This exercise is to learn how to tune into your partner and bring her what her body needs — so no agenda other than staying present with her.

I normally schedule initiation sessions 2 weeks out for men to take their time with these exercise and let things begin to integrate.

#2 #3 and #4 are lifelong practices that take time commitment to develop.

What I have found is that many people are highly distracted and prefer scrolling on their phones for example and so part of your devotion to your process is letting go of things that no longer serve you and welcoming your power flooding back into your body. The above exercises assist you in that process.

All Blessings,