In Chinese Medicine the Kidneys house our Jing which has a huge impact on our energies. This non-culture and all the different rat-races and distractions that go along with living in the “modern civilized world” essentially zap this Kidney energy and then begin tap into our more precious congenital Jing.

Here are three suggestions for you to nourish and strengthen your Kidney energy to keep you vital.

1) Drink warm water 1st thing in the morning and at night before bed (not so much that you’ll need to go to bathroom)

2) Check out these two cookbooks and look for ways to support your Kidneys through food.

Welcoming Food 1 – Theory
Welcoming Food 2 – Recipes

Here are some basic recipes that I’ve found to be helpful. The Rice Congee and Millet Porridge are great to establish inner moisture as drinking water by its own although helpful may not fully hydrate you.

Rice Congee — Welcoming Food 2 – Pg 179 (inner moisture)
Millet Porridge — Welcoming Food 2 – Pg 182 (inner moisture)
Black Rice Recipe — Welcoming Food 2 – Pg 34 (black colored foods are great for Kidneys e.g. mushrooms and black rice)

Oden Thin Stew — great vegetable broth that you can use as a base for the rest of your meals. I like to use parsley, cilantro, and spinach and whatever choice of root vegetables. If you use carrots make sure to put some kind of oil in the broth as the vitamins in carrots are fat soluble and need oil to be assimilated.

3) Chi Gong

Do Qigong to Nourish the Kidneys and Anchoring the Breath each day for 30 days.

Qigong to Nourish the Kidneys

Anchoring the Breath (also good for Kidneys)
Anchoring the Breath – Theory
Anchoring the Breath – Meditation Variation 1
Anchoring the Breath – Meditation Variation 2

Damo has a lot of stuff and it’s easy to get overwhelmed — these two exercises are infinite and provide a huge amount of nourishment so if they do feel good then stick with them for a while before branching out.

All Blessings,