Nourishing presence Sessions

Presence and Feeling are Medicine

A Nourishing Presence Session welcomes you to further explore your devotion to your feminine embodiment and expression and Love.

I’m committed to seeing your Heart grow into the way She to needs to and finding your way to establish support outside of our work together so you thrive as a Woman.

These sessions provide you this opportunity.


Is the Heart Awakening Session required prior to doing a Nourishing Presence Session with you?

The Heart Awakening Session is a way to build a foundation that the Nourishing Presence Session work can expand upon — but its not required as we can build that foundation within the Nourishing Presence Session work over a longer period of time.

I'm ready to commit what are the next steps?

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Post-Session Email Follow-up

The next day or so after your session, I send you an email inviting you to express anything you need to, as well as, requesting feedback so I can also improve what I offer. In addition, I provide you high-quality reflection to consider until our next session together. People find the reflections I offer unique and revealing — as the insights I offer are direct, tangible, doable, can be put into place immediately, and address the most potent challenges with your greatest resources.