to paraphrase ram dass’s terminology: i was high for two days after my session with neil. if you want to work on your masculinity in all its dimensions without pandering, hate, pretense, and nonsense, this is the place to be at. there is no coddling here. only presence. you will be challenged and the time with neil will be uniquely yours. simply try to be with the challenge of being present. in your own time, you will drop your charade and the true healing journey will be able to begin.  

– pedro daher

Alice Liu – San Lorenzo CA

“Neil is a master at holding safe and intentional space.

Even at our first meeting I felt comfortable opening up and diving into some vulnerable feelings.

Neil then took me even deeper, picking up subtleties that I wasn’t initially aware of and allowing me to explore them fully. I emerged from our session with a new sense of calm, groundedness, and clarity of myself and my life journey.

Thank you so much, Neil! Looking forward to next time.” – Grace Lee

Neil Lott’s healing work comes from a deep place of internal reconciliation and transformation.

He is able to bridge and synthesize the wisdom of many traditions into a healing experience that is uniquely his own. I have rarely encountered such a present, patient, and sincere healer who is willing to go to the uncomfortable depths needed for true shifts to take place.

I feel like Neil ups the bar for being human and for practicing as a healer. As a woman, it was particularly helpful to hear Neil’s perspectives on male-female dynamics, and what healthy, nourishing partnerships could be like. In a society with much distortion, suppression, and abuse, this work is so needed!

Julia Lee, DACM, L.Ac., Silicon Valley, California @ The Precise Needle

Neil is a very special human, and a dear friend. One whom I have had the pleasure of assisting, guiding, and observing over the past years. In a time where everyone is a “coach” and “mentor” – I can certainly say Neil is the real deal, and not just another pop-up guru. He has truly done his work, in the light, and in the dark.

I wholeheartedly recommend Neil, as a guide, coach, mentor, and man.

It is rare to truly see a fellow brother put in so much consistent work through the years, as Neil has demonstrated. He has been relentless with his own personal growth. Over the years I have seen him develop a flawless integrity, combined with a beautiful ode of service to humanity.

Neil is gifted in his ability to truly see you and your truth, in holding a grounded space for you, and to guide you and your energy to a place of clarity. He has a giant heart and a sturdy dedication to assisting community.

I have found great benefit in his ability to channel different systems in a unique, understandable, and relatable way.

I highly recommend Neil, to one and all.


Neil’s insights have been transformative for me.

I started working with him during an extremely liminal moment in my life and have witnessed immense clarity and purpose unfolding within me as a result of that work. I’m learning to let go of my fixed concepts of who I am and access my inherent wisdom qualities.

Our work together is helping me trust myself and learn to discern the subtleties of my instincts and intuition. His interpretations are profoundly open and unfixed, always allowing space for the fluidity of my humanness, while still being insightful, precise and practical.

Neil’s being expresses the intelligence of the masculine principle beautifully. His gentleness and strength offer an ideal container in which to safely explore my inner world in relationship to myself and find active tools to carry forth these discoveries into my life.

It’s a rare and precious gift to find a friend and guide such as Neil, one who’s true calling is to help others understand themselves and fully embody their wisdom.”

— Rachel Klucewicz, Boulder Colorado

Charlie Maginness @ Live Your Potential

Arvind Toor – San Francisco, California