Embodying The Masculine: 4 Week Introductory Online Course + Mens Group


Masculinity has been deeply compromised and weakened due to a lack of proper mentors and male-initiation. Although there is no substitute for these in-person rituals and trainings, this course orients men in embodying tangible qualities of healthy and vital masculinity that nourish and strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities.

In this practical, straight-forward, no-frills 4-week introductory online course, I offer guidance in cultivating several core essential principles of masculinity that I continue to approach, deepen and amplify through my personal process, through work I’ve done in Mens groups (both leading and participating), from my experiences with the Eastern Arts, and in my devotion to indigenous understandings…a powerfully unique mix of matured, vetted and tested overstandings.

Each week is comprised of an 15-20 minute Audio, a Transcript of the Audio, and 30 mins to 1 hour of homework exercises that may include journaling, seated-meditative somatic inquiries, and/or experiential, in-the-world practices.

**** This package includes four 2 Hour Mens Group Sessions for up to 5 men over the course of 4 weeks.  The purchase price of this product includes payment for all 5 participants for the group for the entire 4 weeks.  You are responsible for organizing the group of 5 men together, gathering payment from each man, and then paying one-time by purchasing this product. ****

(See the description below for more information on the contents of the course.)

Here are summaries of four weeks this course includes:

Week 1 - Challenge ... understanding your electrical nature as a man

Week 2 - Authentic Communication ... getting comfortable with uncomfortability

Week 3 - Your Kingdom ... cleaning up, creating boundaries, and having your peoples backs

Week 4 - Uncompromisingness ... powerfully impacting your environment without performing

Here is an excerpt from Week 1 - Challenge ....

"Recognize that during our time together I’m going to be guiding you in cultivating qualities. The qualities are where we are headed. The little exercises I give are to shine awareness on what stage you are at with these qualities.

Specifically, the qualities we are holding in our awareness are: Clarification, Purposefulness, Safety.

By holding these qualities in our awareness and making them bigger they will start to grow on their own accord. There really isn’t anything we have to do. I’ll be giving you specific questions and exercises but ultimately the qualities will arise naturally by just being aware of them and your commitment to holding yourself accountable to them.

Clarification – A man’s clarification process can take years. It’s an ongoing thing. One essential quality that men and the masculine can deliver is clarity...."

Format of Mens Group Sessions

A highly accountable, focused, and contained men’s group offers a unique experience where men get to clarify themselves, as well as, learn from the experiences of other men. This is what I’m offering.

It is important to honor and be aware of all stages of life as a man and how our masculine changes over time so its good to have a diversity of men present.

A group of 3-5 men is a perfect number that supports each man’s progress.

This is a highly valuable opportunity for your growth, so please devote and commit yourself to the group and the homework — assuming you agree to the below.

Based on my experience, I’ve found the following format of the group to work the best:

– 15 Minutes to Settle-in and ask any questions from Weekly Audio I provide

– 1st man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 2nd man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 2 minute to 5 minute break

– 3rd man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 4th man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– 5th man shares and receives for 20 minutes

– Closing

Here are the courtesies I’m requesting:

– Please all mute yourself when you are not speaking.

– Your video needs to be on during the entire time except during the break.

– It’s important you are not watching T.V., on your phone scrolling, browsing websites, or distracted in any way as this kills the energy of the group and disrespects the man sharing. By being fully present with the group and what’s happening you learn to cultivate presence to a higher degree and facilitate growth for all the men in the group, including yourself.

– If you get interrupted by accident that’s ok, but please do your best to setup an environment and space where you can be fully focused and present in the group. And if you do get interrupted please turn off your video.

– The group will not be recorded and I’m asking that its not recorded on your side either. This is to protect our confidentiality and trust. I ask that everything said in the group stays in the group unless you specifically ask that man’s permission.

For the man sharing:

During the 20 minutes for you to share, you are welcome to express whatever you need to in whatever what you need to, ask questions, etc. This time is for you.

It is your responsibility to request how you would like the other men in the group to be present for you, you can do this at any point during your share.

Some options are

1 – You just need to be heard, you are requesting no feedback or reflection
2 – You would like to speak and would like only feedback from me
3 – You would like to speak and would like feedback from specific men in the group
4 – You would like to speak and would like feedback from the entire group
5 – You aren’t ready to share and would like to pass
6 – If there is another option let us know

We will assume you only want to be heard and are NOT requesting any feedback or reflection unless you specifically tell us sometime during your turn. This can be at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end if you don’t know at first.

You also need to let us know when you are complete speaking or ready for feedback so we don’t interrupt you.

For the men listening:

Please stay present for the man sharing.

Please don’t interrupt the man sharing until he says he’s finished.

Once he’s finished and requested feedback / reflection from the group or you then please unmute and offer what arises from you.

All of this may sound a little strict at first, but it’s important to lay the guidelines of the group so we all know these are group session where we can build trust, safety, and respect. And having led mens groups using this format I can attest that it works really well.

Terms and Conditions

Please click HERE to read the full terms and conditions.

1 – Inspiring Healing operates a strict No-Refund Policy on ALL services offered – no exceptions.

By carrying out & confirming a purchase/booking with payment – the customer automatically agrees to this strict no refund policy.

If an unexpected life situation occurs, making it impossible for the individual to continue or complete/attend their purchased session – It may be possible to put the booking on temporary hold for a certain period of time (decided by Inspiring Healing), and recommenced at a later date, when it is more suitable for the individual to attend. Inspiring Healing will always do its upmost to accommodate unexpected personal events.

2 – Group/Reoccurring Payment Plans: Please be aware If you are subscribed to a monthly group membership with a reoccurring payment plan, it is the responsibility of you, the subscriber – to cancel the reoccurring payment plan from your side, if at some point you choose to depart the group. Once a reoccurring payment has went through, it cannot be refunded. By carrying out & confirming a subscription plan – the customer automatically agrees to this policy.

3 – All Packages must be completed within the time frame of 12 months. If the package has not been completed by this time, the remaining time is forfeited and can no longer be used.

4 – Canceling / Rescheduling

If you schedule an appointment and are a no-show (fail to turn up, without any prior notice), you automatically forfeit the session, without refund.

Time zone mistakes are not a valid excuse, as a simple google check will confirm the correct time of your session based on the details which have been provided for you upon scheduling. Neil will wait a maximum of 5 minutes after the scheduled time for you to show. If you do not arrive, the session is lost. If you feel you will be late, please email ahead of time.

All packages and/or other services can be postponed, delayed, and rescheduled without penalty, up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. This provides the individual with safety that payment will not be wasted.

5 – Full Payment
The requested upfront payment on all packages/services is for the clear demonstration of the individuals commitment to the process. As the work is a very deep and transformative experience, at times the process may get intense for the individual. This is a common and normal realigning experience, which shows the results of the work manifesting in the individuals life. It is in many cases essential in breaking away from old limiting ways of existing.

This is one of the reasons why the no refund policy is in place — so the individual can be mentored through the most important initial phase safely. If the individual decides for whatever reason that they want to quit the process, they are free to do so, but receive no refund or return. Although quitting mid-way through the work is definitely advised against.


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