Here are some reflections, principles, and learnings I’d like to share to assist you in your intimate relationship.

My partner and I have found what follows useful in facilitating couples building their intimacy during our Couples Workshops.




– A man is always testing a woman’s receptivity

– A woman is always testing a man’s safety as to whether its safe for her to open or she needs to close

– A man’s constant love and presence in all kinds of feminine weather is what the feminine requires to feel safe to open

– For Men: She wants to feel you feeling her through feeling yourself

– A Man grows through clear feminine reflection

– A Woman grows by having her subtlety and expression heard, seen and felt by him

– Nourishing each other’s positive poles through your intimacy circuit facilities deep healing individually and in the relationship

– Compassionately Exposing disconnection and where intimacy circuit breaks (where the energy breaks) is an act of Love

– Being vulnerable and going first in relationship is an act of courage and love



Here are some invitations to explore in your intimate relationship

1 – When Women feels impatient or wanting something to be over she is asking for the Man to be more in his positive pole and ground the situation and be present with her so the Woman can move through the discomfort and stuck energy that is causing agitation and the need to flee.

2 – Men, notice where you are connected in your body and have a felt sense AND notice where you are disconnected and have no sensation.

3 – When a Man does something that evokes the Woman’s feminine that is opening her, then the Woman can let the man know what he did so he can learn from her reflection to be more present.

4 – When the Man is disconnected and not present the Woman needs to hold the man accountable and ask the Man, “Where did he go?”

5 – One of the greatest gifts a Woman can give a Man is for a Woman to unconditionally support and love her Man when he needs to go resource himself and disengage from the relationship. By him stating his boundary clearly and that he will return when he is ready allows the woman to feel safe and cared for.
Her having faith he will return and re-engage in the intimacy circuit develops her own constant love in all her relationships and supports him resourcing himself.



Here are some of the exercises you are welcome to continue in your day-to-day



positive pole meditation (could also involve massaging and moving — doesn’t have to be still) — stay present with your positive pole to love yourself not lose yourself i.e. for men don’t use it as an excuse to ejaculate



— Hugging — feeling the intimacy circuit between you both<


— Establishing safety
1) each stand on opposite sides of the room
2) tune into each other and the intimacy circuit
3) Woman tells Man when to come closer or to back up
This allows the woman to use her voice and notice where safety exists in her body as a felt sense in relationship.


— Initiating the Feminine Expression (can be done in any position at any time)
Man tunes into his positive pole and his constancy and stays present with the Woman’s expression in her throat / chest / heart coming out in whatever form or way that maybe.
Man does no attempt to fix anything.
The intimacy circuit to begin with feminine expression — so Man’s electric nature of his positive pole is pulled in by the Woman’s magnetic feminine nature — this facilities the Woman’s expression which allows the intimacy circuit to grow and show you where things maybe stuck.


— Take turns holding and being present with each other’s positive pole and expressing whatever comes up.



All Blessings,