All Teachers, Practitioners, Books and Resources Below I’ve worked with personally and highly recommend.



Martín Prechtel –
Bolads Kitchen
Smell of Rain on Dust
Disobedience of the Daugther of the Sun
Stealing Benefacio’s Roses
Rescuing the Light
The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive
Secrets of the Talking Jaguar
Long Life Honey in the Heart



Chi Gong – Damo Mitchell — I recommend his Internal Arts Academy Program and learning the basic Wuji posture from him as well as the Ji Ben Shi Gong Chi Gong Series.



Amelia Burns – Moving Stillness Healing

In-Person Cranio-sacral and Somatic Therapy Sessions (Offers remote Somatic Therapy sessions)



Jody Shevins – Naturopathic Doctor

Offers remote consultation sessions



Food – Andrew Sterman’s Vol I and Vol II are great cookbooks to assist with understanding the energetics behind the food you are eating.
Welcoming Food 1 – Theory
Welcoming Food 2 – Recipes



Moses Siregar – Astrocartographer – Thanks for mentioning to him that I referred you.



Julia Lee – The Precise Needle

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (Offers remote herbal consultation sessions)



Ido Portal — Essential Spinal Waves for Daily Spinal Health



Chi Gong – Pangu Shengong — I only recommend the basic moving form. Contact Olivia — she is Master Ou’s daughter and is trained to transmit the energy and ask her for a private session for her to teach you the moving-form. Then when you have the chance take part in a group moving-form class with Master Ou directly.



Upright Health has great Physical Therapy Exercises