Session of Presence

Presence and Feeling are Medicine

How does the 2-Hour Session of Presence take place and what does it look like?

When you schedule a session, there is an intake of 10 brief questions. Once I receive the intake, I spend 2-3 hours researching your unique energy map. Based on what I’m feeling and seeing in this map, I may offer you an additional set questions for you to respond to in order to assist your exploration of presence and feeling before we meet.

The session takes place on zoom (unless you live in Durango, Colorado in which case we have the option to meet in person) where I begin listening to you and responding. I invite feeling and sensations arising in your body to express themselves so you can begin to see how you work. This is a first step towards developing your foundation of presence. Talking, silence, feeling, expressing, crying, all may happen during a session — it just depends on where you are at in the moment.

To clarify, this is not “talk therapy” where you attempt to talk out problems mentally and have them solved. My experience with “talk therapy” is it leads nowhere.

We explore feeling in your body as the true intelligence with your mind learning to support the intelligence of your body.

Each session is unique and based on the individual, whether you are a man or woman, where you are at in your life, and what you need.

What does a Session of Presence look and feel like for a Woman?

This insane non-culture perpetuates women being conditioned out of their expressive nature and led away from their heart so they can be controlled, manipulated, seduced and done upon. Often times contorting themselves and/or devoting themselves fully without receiving any nourishment in return.

Any conscious man who has done his work will see this blatantly happening everywhere he goes. Rather than fighting against the insanity, I offer a space where a woman can deeply express, be heard, be seen, be cared for and free up anything blocking her heart.

I’m in service of your Heart and I stay present with you as you explore feeling and expressing everything that is NOT of your heart so everything that is NOT you can move out of your body.

Me being present with you in this way, initiates the energy to begin cleaning up and guiding you in how to be present with yourself, your expression, your feeling and most importantly your heart and your intuition guiding you as you emerge as a Queen. It’s a beautiful process that I have deep gratitude in being able to facilitate and offer to women.

What does a Session of Presence look and feel like for a Man?

Men have been deeply compromised out of the powerful nature of their swords (their genitals) by the insane non-cultural conditioning, traumatization, and feminization.

Therefore, a man needs to learn how to burn up his own trauma and blockages with his own presence — ultimately no one can do the work for him.

Yet, having a Male Mentor who has gone through, what can be a 2-3 year process or longer, is essential.

Your presence as man is developed by how present you can be with yourself going through all your emotions, feelings, and sensations and noticing where you avoid or resist. You need to learn how to penetrate yourself. This means you seeing and exposing all the things you don’t want to see and everything that you have avoided in yourself, as well as, all the times you’ve dropped the ball on what you’ve promised and said.

By me being present with you and holding you accountable to yourself and your unique purpose, you become accountable to yourself and burn up your trauma in the process.

I stay present with as you clarify what you are penetrating the feminine with and why, so you clearly see and feel how you are doing your life so you can consciously do your life the way you need to — not the way anyone else tells you.

I don’t tell you as a man how to do your life. You figuring it out for yourself is how you become a King.

As a woman, I want to hold space for men. Why would you treat men and women differently?

Please read this post from a woman whose experienced my work, had the same question, and explored what felt in alignment for her.

As a man, I want to be seen and heard by women. Why would you treat men and women differently?

Please read this post based on my experience in my life and working with other men. This post explains why this wanting doesn’t work out the way you would expect.

Is the Session of Presence required before doing further work with you?


What if I still feel unclear, hesitant or have questions about what a session will look like?

Feel free to book a complimentary 20-min Meet Up (CLICK HERE) with me so you can decide what is best in alignment for you.

I'm ready to commit what are the next steps?

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Session of Presence - 2 Hours


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