As part of my service to the community, if any woman requests a hug from me I will gladly show up for as long as she feels to receive.

What does this really mean? This can sound stupid, simple, and possibly manipulative….its not. Read on..

Considering all the seduction, manipulation, deception, deceit, lying, competition, and dishonorable aims to continually “take” and “take” that is rampant around us and inside us, it’s no wonder that many a woman feels completely unsafe to surrender to anyone.

What’s there to really trust to hold her when she falls apart?

The hug I’m describing here is a hug where the man offers himself without attempting to do anything to her, get anything from her, take anything from her, lead her anywhere, and/or go anywhere himself i.e he stays put and does not run away.

This is a hug that has no expectations and where the woman is completely allowed to express, feel and relax into herself knowing the man is grounded, stable, safe, and will feel her feelings and stay present with her no matter what. This hug has no timeline and may last a long time — usually until the energy fully moves and cleans everything.

This is one of the most powerful things a man can offer a woman because its a space where she can rejuvenate her Heart, ground deeply more into her Big Love, clear anything blocking this.

I have found that women are simultaneously starved for this kind of presence and scared to receive it because it’s never been offered as an option, its unconditional and its caring and who the hell does that?

Rather than being the exception, the HUG needs to be new normal.

This is NOT a bullshit hug. This is NOT a throw-away hug. This is NOT a “when will this be over hug”. And this is definitely NOT “i’m just doing this so we can fuck later kind of hug.”

This IS a full body-to-body hug.

Its NOT a hug where you are both sticking your asses out far away from one another like two old ladies after a bridge card-game competition drinking tea who are attempting to be civilized but really want to kill each other and are pretending the lower parts of their bodies don’t exist.

We are animals. The woman has a womb, vagina and vulva. The man has testicles, prostate, and a penis. These parts of us exist — EVERYTHING needs to be included in the hug.

This in NOT a condescending hug where the man is consoling, sympathizing or acting superior to the woman’s feelings because “he’s got it together and she doesn’t.” That’s NOT it at all either.

As an honorable men, we are in service of staying present with a woman’s feelings while being uncompromising in our purpose. The HUG is one possibility to begin exploring building this skill.

Remember, your capacity as man to stay with her feelings (rage, anger, grief, everything…) is in the direct proportion to your capacity to stay with her orgasmicness during sex.

And this capacity all directly relates to how much her body will naturally be willing to surrender in your arms i.e. in your presence.

Men, offer to your community of women the HUG and show up when she requests it.

Love and firmness,