The Deeper Work

If you are interested in furthering the Regenerative Work and peering into the deep foundational well of your Life and approaching something beyond what you thought imaginable then this deeper work might be for you.

Maybe you would benefit from some form of recurring one-on-one focused, patient, presence where we have room to explore any blockages, frustrations, or challenges so they become fully clarified, felt, accepted and circulating in health and vitality within you.

When I am present with you, I am listening, sensing, taking in how your body is speaking and feeling, reflecting when invited, responding when invited, initiating when invited, and caring with patience and compassion and holding you accountable.

It might seem really silly and overly-simplified that me being present with you is relevant and valuable.

I have found that the presence that I deliver in each session with each client facilities health and vitality and nourishes what each client needs. Interestingly, this may not be what someone exactly wanted or expected.

Presence is what’s lacking in today’s world of distraction, manipulation, and seduction. I feel many don’t realize how potent presence really is. I also sense many are afraid of change and of commitment. I too have gone through all these stages and forms and sometimes still go through aspects of them now — its all part of the learning.

Can we be present with ourselves regardless of what stage we are in?  That’s what I assist my clients in developing.

My experience is that initially people may require weekly support and then as they become more grounded, solidified, and sensitive in themselves this decreases to bi-weekly and eventually to monthly and then bi-yearly and then to eventually not at all — which is my ultimate intention for you — to be self-reliant in a healthy inter-dependent way.

You are welcome to purchase packages of time with me offered below based on your needs that you can use in whatever frequency works best for you and that do not expire.

Sessions can be used in 1/2 hour or 1 hour increments. If you need 2 hours one day and 1/2 hour another day that is completely fine — its up to you how to you’d like to use them.

Deeper Work Packages


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