The Feminine grows through subtly and vulnerability.


The Masculine grows through challenge.


We need to develop both qualities inside ourselves based on our individual natures.


In this post, I focus on one aspect of this spectrum; and, I ask Women to hold themselves accountable to develop the subtle and vulnerable inside them as a first step in cultivating her feminine nature.


The subtle is powerful. Vulnerability is powerful.


The bullshit societal conditioning is that the logical, clever, know-it-all figured-it out gnashing teeth kind of mind is more valuable and more powerful than the subtle. Bullshit!


The subtle is what grows our capacity to listen and to receive without which we are burning the wick of our precious Life Energy down to a nub.


The subtle is where the dance is that serves and gives Life.


Sensitivity to the your subtlety and vulnerability is what allows you as a Woman to cultivate your Heart and your Big Love.


Don’t toss or downplay your capacity to feel the subtle. Don’t discount the small details. Don’t try to normalize your vulnerability and pretend its not there. The small thing is the Big the thing!


Instead water your flower and your Love and the space in your chest that takes everything in so things get bigger, more sensitive, more subtle, more soft, and more vulnerable for you. This is needed for your community!


This is a totally subversive thing to do in these times given all the manipulation and un-safety in the collective unconscious that you have to negotiate with on a daily basis that doesn’t give a shit about your real nature. But doing so is courageous and it shows Life that you are willing to show up to something bigger than yourself.


This is not to stay ignore when you feel unsafe.


Your subtlety will inform you when things are unsafe — don’t discount this, if you do then you’ve accepted the status quo inside you.


Transform this cue of un-safety into feedback (either harsh or gentle — however you feel) to those around you. Know by doing so you are sharing your love.


Don’t normalize your experience of the subtle — make it bigger, listen to Her and then express and reflect back what you need. This is you loving on everyone.